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Public Health, Animal Health, Plant Health and the good quality of environment are now integrated in One Health approach that aims to optimize the health of living beings in a better and safer world. Dubai One Health Conference is the first initiative in the Middle Eastern and North African countries to reunite One Health actors to discuss and establish a strategy of implementation of One Health concept in these countries. As UAE is one of the important countries in the region that promotes scientific studies, innovation and the promotion of integrated ambitious projects, Dubai was chosen for this first event edition.
The scientific organizer is Prof Yahia Chebloune, PhD HDR, Research Director and Director of PAVAL Lab at the University Grenoble Alpes, France, is internationally known for his tremendous work on infectious diseases and development of vaccines to fight against the deadliest viruses such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) responsible of AIDS disease.

The scientific committee includes talented scientists from all over the world working together with the organizing committee composed of local and international members.
By addressing the links between humans, animals, plants and the environment, Dubai One Health Conference will pave the way to addressing the full spectrum of disease control. This includes the prevention, detection and prediction that will help for optimal preparedness, response and management and contribute to global health security.
Dubai One Health Conference will be renewed yearly to discuss the progress and to plan the next steps of the implementation of the One Health concept.
The main expectations from this One Health implementation is the improvement of the quality of health and the quality of life of both human and animals in a better environment.

Movenpick Grand Al Bustan Dubai
23-24 June, 2023

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As an esteemed presenter at an international conference, showcase your research to a worldwide audience. Engage with scholars from diverse backgrounds, exchange insights, and build meaningful connections.
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Consider becoming a virtual presenter at the International Symposium on Future Medicine and Sciences if you cannot attend in person but desire to share your research with the global community.

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You can showcase your research by submitting your research paper to become a poster presenter at the conference.

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You can participate in the conference as a listener.

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