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  • Session 1

  • Session 2 Morning

  • Pascal Mossuz: Deciphering the links between the variations in plasma lipid profiles of AML patients and the metabolic reprogramming of leukemic cells: a proof of concept of the impact of dietary habits on the prognosis of cancers (Videoconference) Hibet Errahmane Chergui: Permissive and restrictive replication of primate lentiviruses in small ruminant cells. (Videoconference) Houcine Ziani: Development of Novel Hemostatic Biomaterial for Fast Injury Treatment
    Day 1

  • Session 3 Morning

  • Session 4 Afternoon

  • Michel SEVE: Data Capture and Artificial Intelligence in OneHealth context - From concept to educational program Adil M. A. Salman: Knowledge and perception of health employees to One Health in Sudan
    Day 1

  • Session 5 Morning

  • Session 6 Morning

  • Habiba DRICI: Survey and Microbiological risk assessment of "AIN-CHEBBI-Tahabort" spring water in Southern Algeria (Videoconference) Bolea Bailo: Clostridioides difficile infection in pig farms, a One Health perspective: infection dynamic and genomic analysis
    Day 2

  • Session 7 Afternoon

  • Session 8 Afternoon

  • Djalila Tliba: Rare Case of Urogenital Brucellosis: Importance of Early Detection and One Health Approach (Videoconference) Bekacem Rayenne: Effect of experimental toxoplasmosis infection on the immune response and evaluation of the potential therapeutic effect of Artemisia herba-alba oil
    Day 2

Sunday to Wednesday
December 23 to 26, 2022
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